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I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist of 8 years, Karuna Reiki practitioner and Registered Yoga Instructor. Formerly a Physical Therapist Assistant, I’ve merged my experience in physical therapy with massage therapy and energy work to help shift the entire body into equilibrium. In 2018, I began my Thai Bodywork journey studying Thai on the Table Techniques under the guidance of Mukti Buck, a world-renowned Thai Bodywork Mentor. In 2019, I traveled to Chiangmai, Thailand to study traditional Thai Bodywork on the futon. This experience allowed me to bring home ancient Thai techniques straight from the source while maintaining the integrity of its lineage.

I wanted to promote longevity in the benefits of Bodywork by offering Yoga classes and Thai Bodywork Lessons to clients. These offerings made it possible for clients to gain mind-body awareness and the resources required to maintain balance in their bodies. I feel that the experiences gained from Yoga, Bodywork and conscious touch can offer so much enrichment to Life and it’s a blessing to have the opportunity to share this knowledge with my clients.

Some fun details about me: I have been practicing Aerial & Circus since 2017, predominantly Silks and Lyra, and love to hang upside down (a great way to decompress the spine!) When I’m not in session with clients you might find me taking care of plants, painting, cooking and hiking with my best dog friend, Banjo.

Kinetic Community


There are changes and micro-adjustments that we can make in our every day lives that promote our individual well being and prevention of sickness. It's my goal to help you figure out what works for you.

"The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it" -Sushruta, 600



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