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Yoga FIT

From $100

Within the YogaFit program, you and I work together to correct postural impairments that are causing pain in the muscles and joints during stance and with movement. YogaFit starts with an evaluation to determine where the body is out of alignment during stance and active movement. From here, we determine your goals and I guide you with a fitness plan to restore your posture back to desired alignment.

This fitness plan is used to expand your wheelhouse of Self Care practices and is designed to become your go-to resource for injury prevention.
Integration of Yoga, Fitness, Breathwork and Meditation coupled with Flexibility, Stability, Strength and Balance training results in your highest potential- Feeling Your Very Best and meeting your goals!

  • An opportunity to speak about your body needs, limitations and personal fitness Goals
  • One-on-one training using strength, flexibility, stability and balance techniques to realign your posture and become Pain Free
  • Observation and Feedback to ensure for correct form and highest impact
  • Insights on how to improve daily experiences and overall quality of life with movement and mindfulness.
  • An action plan for meeting your goals
  • A fitness log that highlights the most impactful exercises to keeping you strong, flexible and feeling your absolute best
  • A professional Movement Specialist that holds you accountable to help you reach your goals!

Live out of state or can’t make it to our studio? No problem!
YogaFit sessions are also available online. Read more about YogaFit here.


Yoga FIT with Thai Stretching

From $150

The Ultimate Duo!
Learn how to actively restore pain-free movement with Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Stability training followed by a 20 minute Savasana (resting pose) while receiving Thai Stretches.


Yoga FIT with Sound Healing

From $140

Learn how to actively restore pain-free movement with Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Stability training followed by an extended Savasana (resting pose) while receiving a Sound Bath.


Sound Healing Reiki

From $115

A Reiki infused Sound Bath to vitalitize Chakra channels and give rise to energetic symmetry within the body. Leah creates a coalesce of vibrational harmonies that intrinsically communicate with the Vagus nerve, encouraging the nervous system to relax and ease the body into a resting state. From this, muscles and fascia begin to soften, allowing vibrational sound to move through and purify the entire body. Clients find themselves in deep meditation from the blend of Reiki with Sound and vibration with reports of color changing visuals.

  • Mood Enhancement: Sound healing can elevate mood and create a sense of calm and inner peace.
  • Emotional Release: The vibrational frequencies can aid in releasing emotional blockages and promoting emotional healing.
  • Improved Sleep
  • Increased Creativity: and problem-solving abilities
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity: Many people experience increased mental clarity and focus after Reiki sessions.
  • Immune Support: support the body's natural healing processes.

Partner Thai Massage Lesson

From $120

Are you looking to connect with your partner or friend while discovering the healing art of Thai massage? This service offers a unique and intimate experience for couples or friends who want to learn the ancient techniques of Thai massage together.

What to expect...

  • Guided Instruction: Our experienced and certified Thai massage instructor will provide step-by-step guidance, ensuring you learn the art with confidence.
  • Hands-On Learning: You and your chosen guest will have the opportunity to practice massage techniques on each other, fostering trust and connection.
  • Customized Experience: Each lesson can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences, focusing on areas of tension or relaxation that you both desire.
  • Relaxation and Bonding: Partner Thai Massage Lessons not only teach the healing benefits of Thai massage but also provide a serene environment for relaxation and bonding.
  • Benefits: Learn how to relieve stress, improve flexibility, and enhance well-being while sharing the experience with your partner.

Why Choose Partner Thai Massage Lessons:

  • Deepen Your Relationship: Thai massage is a powerful way to enhance intimacy and communication between partners or friends
  • Skill Development: Gain valuable skills that you can use to support each other's well-being
  • Memorable Experience: Create lasting memories while discovering the art of Thai Bodywork

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply want to strengthen your connection, our Partner Thai Massage Lessons provide a unique opportunity for relaxation, learning, and togetherness.

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